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We are men! We make fire!

Posted : 14 years, 12 months ago on 27 March 2008 12:10 (A review of Home Improvement)

When i first saw this show i merited it on it's one episode performances, now after watching them in linear through the seasons, it's become a firm favourite to watch on the box.

The Light television comedy follows family man and handyman Tim Taylor (Allen) as he attempts to balance up family affairs with his passion, hobby and job as a host of a DIY show, closly pursued by disasterous and amusing results.

Every episode comes complete with classic working-man oneliners and situations going awry. Whether it be a military operation to get the xmas decorations up or teaching his family life would benefit from additional buttons on the T.V remote control, halarity ensures.

With unmatched dialogue of the battle of the sexes and inviting characters with pitch perfect timing, future sitcoms must feel under pressure to surpass it's comic flare. Its hard to believe that the show has been in our livingrooms for just short of a decade before ending in the May of 99, erecting a milestone in the process.

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Black and White Brilliance

Posted : 14 years, 12 months ago on 25 March 2008 11:33 (A review of 12 Angry Men)

I saw this film two hours before this review was posted and i've never been in such a hurry to write one.

The plot revovles around twelve jurors who are uncomfortably brought together to debate about a seemingly open and shut murder case. The unanimous decison appears in sight except for juror No. 8 (Fonda), a citizen with a conscience who insists on establishing reasonable doubt.

The film some thought was a courtroom drama is quite the opposite, we see hardly any of the courtroom or the trial, we are instead drawn to the hot atmospheric examination room afterward where cigerttes are smoked, 'facts' are discussed and voices are raised.

The ingeniuity of 12 Angry Men is not the review of the trial or the evidence, but the dissection of the jurors. Everyone has a range of diversified views and inclinations on each other with real world preconceptions, With character basis working well individually and also on a group level as prejudices's are revealed.

We feel ourselves becoming more and more immersed with Verisimilitude as the camera direction and choreography becomes so tight with intensity we see the beads of sweat on their faces. With the debate raging back and fourth and a youngs boys life hanging in balance,it never lets up on pace. A must see for film fans a must not for those who suffer with high blood pressure.

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Posted : 15 years ago on 9 March 2008 03:58 (A review of Speed 2: Cruise Control)

If it wasn't for Willam Dafoe's outrageous laugh this would have been a complete flop. The choice of transport begged the question, why would you choose the slowest of all transport for a film with the plot revolving round high octane police chases?.

The star power of dafoe and bullock failed to bring the plot to life, with poor action sequences, useless Scottish quotes and the male lead modeling for Calvin Klien boxers for the whole film.

A poor sequel that fully deserves the biggest record breaking loss at the box office.

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[Endless bodycount]

Posted : 15 years ago on 9 March 2008 03:25 (A review of Rambo)

From watching the overly violent trilogy, expections were high too see simular carnage. And after seeing it I can still say overkill is not in Rambos vocabulary.

After coming out the theatre my senses were bombarded with the amount of explosions, decapitated limbs, and mindless chaos. You find yourself wearing a sandwich board with the message 'i hate burma' on it, for the bad light that is shed on the brutal country.

Rambos kill ratio are just as ridiculous if not more proposterous than the last three but nostagic fun as we see 'John' helping out the 'do gooders' to help an abused village with haralious and explosive results.

I would suggest to anyone who have seen the likes of the outrageous Commando or Hardboiled to watch rambo if not for the oneliners but for counting the pints of blood he loses which is more than the average human being.

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Comedy Genre Genius

Posted : 15 years, 12 months ago on 26 March 2007 10:35 (A review of Home Alone)

I first viewed this classic in 96, and forever improved my xmas film guide

The film revolves around Kevin (Macaulay Culkin)and his family who are set on a Christmas vacation to France. The trip, however, looses appeal with Kevin, who wishes for his family to simply disappear. When the family unwittingly leave him behind, he is delighted with spending the festival season at his own lesiure. Soon enough Kevin runs into trouble as he is left to defend his house from two bumbling burglers Harry and Marv, leaving Kevin and his ready made traps to foil their plans at every curve with fine slastick hilarity.

Easily one of John Hughes best films to date, Home Alone perfectly encapsulates the Christmas spirit from a child's perspective thoughout the film. While Kevins misleading charm allows you to connect with him, you cannot help but pity the burglers (Pesci and Stern) with the brutal buffoonery accounting for a large part of the humour.

Scenes including the 'snakes' conversation and many quote classics makes it a must over christmas, providing PG rated family entertainment deserving the full 5 stars.

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